My First Academy

Spanish Immersion Parent's Day Out Program

By Language Kids World

Our mission is to provide the best Spanish language learning experience for children in a loving, safe, and nurturing environment that fosters love for learning and that promotes language fluency and curiosity for other cultures.

The goal of our program is to help children become bilingual, bicultural and biliterate, by maximizing the window of opportunity young children have for learning languages.

With more than two decades of language teaching experience under our belt, we are masters at teaching foreign languages to children in fun, engaging and innovative ways. We have helped thousands of children become culturally-aware bilingual students, excited about learning another language and experiencing another culture.

Why Early Language Learning

Many experts believe that the best time to learn another language is early childhood.  Language learning is natural, and babies are born with the ability to learn languages. Research suggests that children that learn a second language before puberty are more likely to develop a native-like pronunciation, and children that learn a second language at a young age will learn the language faster and retain it better. (Ghasemi & Hashemi, 2011)

At MFA, we maximize this window of opportunity by providing children with an environment in which they can acquire the Spanish language in a fun, nurturing and engaging environment.


Our programs are designed to help children develop a love for learning and the skills they need for academic excellence, and to become bilingual, bicultural and biliterate.

Our program creates a holistic learning experience that engages children with multiple types of learning, as we incorporate hands-on  and engaging activities and lessons in the following learning domains:

Cognitive domain (Head). This includes cognitive skills and verbal information, and help children with understanding, problem-solving, memorization, time management, categorization, etc. An important element is imagination and creativity, which are developed by incorporating art and creative learning segments as well as role-playing activities.

Affective domain (Heart). Our caring and nurturing environment will guide children in the development of affective skills. We incorporate social and enotional learning in all our lesson plans to guide children in their affective skills development.

Psychomotor domain (Hand). This is an integral part of our program, and it includes physical actions, reflexes, interpretive movements and eye-hand coordination. Our curriculum incorporates the five senses along with balance, spatial relationships, movement and physical activity.

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